20 May 2012


Max has teeth! Not just one but two bottom teeth!!  I felt them today, on my finger luckily. Now looking back, it maybe explains the couple of horrible nights we had earlier in the week.  Its great that he is going so well and I feel reassured that he must be ready for solids but there is a part of me which feels so sad to be saying goodbye to the gummy smile already.

In my last post I mentioned I was going to try a pea and pear puree.  Well it went down a storm!  Its so easy to make and he loves it too.  I added two handfuls of frozen peas to a dry pan and then added a large pear, peeled and chopped.  I cooked them together for about 5 minutes so the pear was soft (no need for water they cook in their own juice) then whizzed until smooth.  I made this into two portions but I think Max would have happily eaten the lot.

Its so lovely to watch Max try the new flavours, I'm introducing them slowly because he's still not yet 6 months but he is getting on so well and his sleep is also starting to settle down.  When I try a new food I follow the recommended advice and do so at lunch time just in case he does have a reaction to any of the ingredients but so far so good.   Next up butternut squash!

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