3 Jun 2012

Finger food

My Poor little man has been suffering over the last few days with his teeth. All he's wanted is smooth milky porridge or baby rice. He has however, really enjoyed sucking on cold, ripe melon slices.

Today he is on much better form and after a fun morning at the swimming pool (what else is there to do on a wet Sunday morning?) we retuned home to some finger food! Max is now 24 weeks and I decided to start to encourage him to pick up food. We dug out the tray for his high chair, lined up the cucumber sticks and let him play. After a lot of chasing cucumber around the tray he finally managed to pick one up and promptly hurled it across the room. Nothing actually made it to his lips but I figure it's all progress.

After a little while of playing he did get a bit frustrated and then didn't want his porridge, so with hindsight I wish I had started with the porridge first.....at least I'll know for next time!