24 May 2012

Hot Hot Hot

We are loving this weather! Its been alfresco dining for the last few days.  Not really in the mood for cooking so I have been experimenting with the fork...We started with half a mashed ripe avocado it wasn't so much of a hit but he ate most of it, eventually.  Not wanting to waste the other half of the avocado, Max had it the next day but this time mashed with some banana.  Yes you did read right, banana.  He loved it!  I mashed roughly half avocado to banana and it is now firmly on the favourites list.

Bless him he has been struggling with the hot weather and his milk feeds have been a bit up and down, but I have found that if I keep his food in the fridge and serve it to him cold he really enjoys it.  Plus it seems to cool him down, especially at tea time.

 Now we have been eating for a good couple of weeks he is starting to expect food at lunch and dinner time .  There is something very special about all sitting down together.

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