17 May 2012

Time to try something new

So we've been getting on really well with our pear or banana baby rice and I feel it's time to start to introduce some new flavours. In the last couple of days we have tried apple with baby rice and also pureed sweet potato.

The sweet potato was an instant hit and the whole bowl was gone in a matter of seconds.  We're still on the fence about apple, he ate it but seems to have developed an "apple tic" when he eats it....Im sure they were eating apples I pureed and not cookers!?

Now that we have moved on to more pureed foods the mustard poos have gone, in fact sometimes I don't think he has even digested what he's eaten.

I think we're gonna try a pea and pear puree next, I look forward to that nappy already....

Photo credit: lovelihood

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